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Restricted Access

In the password protected area of the Dataportal of the FIW platform a certain circle of users can obtain access to the databases. On top of providing a wide range of free foreign trade relevant data we give researchers (students) the opportunity to pursue their research questions without worrying about the access to data.

To get access to the data you have to complete the following steps:

1. Selection of the Database


Eurostat COMEXT

GEN:WIFO-External Economic Relations

wiiw Database Central, East and Southeast Europe

wiiw FDI Database


OECD iLibrary

IWF - Balance of Payments Statistics

IWF - Direction of Trade Statistics

IWF - International Financial Statistics



Please select the database you need for your analysis. A short description of the data that are included in every one of the databases is given on this website. For a more in depth description, however, you should either visit the website of the provider or contact the FIW project office.

2. Registration

As soon as you have selected a database you can apply for it via the registration link. Your registration is thereafter considered for acceptance. If you fulfil the formal terms and conditions you are contacted shortly afterwards (usually within two working days). There you will be informed about the way to access the database.


You may also get access to the data through a computer at the project office (in the WIFO building) or at the wiiw.


To use this service, please contact directly the project office either via e-Mail or phone (number: 01/7982601-334).