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GTAP Database

UPDATED to Version 7.1 + GTAP Satellite Data

see undefinedGTAP-Homepage and undefinedGTAP Satallite Data/Utility for Details


The GTAP 7 Data Base (Global Trade, Assistance and Production - GTAP) maintained by the Centre for Global Trade Analysis was constructed for a multi-regional, applied general equilibrium model. The benchmark year for version 7 is the year 2004 - that is - all data were calibrated to this year.


The following indicators are available in the database:


  • Detailed bilateral trade flows (time series based on the UN-Comtrade since 1965)
  • Transport and trade barriers
  • Individual input-output tables of the respective countries (production, consumption, investment, intermediate input of goods and services, elasticity of substitution and elasticity of transformation).
  • energy data
  • GTAP Satellite Data (Non CO2 Emission Data Base, Migration Data)


The database comprises 113 worldwide countries/regions as well as 57 sectors (agricultural industries are based on the Central Product Classification - CPC, the rest of the industries are based on the International Standard Industrial Classification - ISIC rev.3).


The data is given in US-dollar millions.


In order to obtain further information, please visit the official webpage of GTAP.


You can not access the GTAP via the FIW Data Tool.


Qualified prospects can download the data of GTAP Data Base - after successful registration - from a PC at the FIW Project Office (WIFO) and the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (wiiw). The GTAP Database is fully documented. The access is guaranteed through a special software (RunGTAP).