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4.12.2021 : 14:06 : +0100

IMF - Balance of Payments Statistics (BOP)

The IMF Database "Balance of Payments Statistics" (BOP) has recently been added to the FIW-Database and is now available via


The database includes international payments and international investment position for close to 182 countries based on the standard components of the BPM5 (Balance of Payments Manual, fifth edition). Data is available in various unit values and two types of period: annual and quarterly.


The database provides time series on detailed components of the balance of payments (flow concept) as well as on the international investment position- IIP (stock concept). In order to draw a clear distinction between the flow (BOP) and stock (IIP) concepts, the structure of the database in this retrieval tool is split into two parts:


BOP- Balance of Payments

IIP- International Investment Position