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OECD iLibraryOECD iLibrary
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OECD iLibrary

OECD iLibrary (former SourceOECD) - Online statistics, ebooks and Journals.


OECD iLibrary is the new online-library of the OECD and replaced SourceOECD in 2010. It offers access to all of their research and statistics.

All publications are available in PDF format. An search form helps you find specific articles which also can be viewed online.

The OECD iLibrary consists of:

  • 6.200 E-Books in PDF-format (alle OECD-Research Reports since1998)
  • 20 electronic Journals with approx. 12.000 articles (since 1998)
  • 2.700 OECD-Working Papers (since 1983)
  • 36 statistical databases containing over 4 billion statistics (since1960)
  • 35.000 Excel-tables


The FIW provides you with a complete access (if you are part of the undefinedcircle of users).

You can not access the OECD iLibrary via the FIW Data Tool, instead you get a password for full online access. We can only grant one access to a single institution, so there might be a need for time coordination within your institution.