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wiiw Datenbank Mittel-, Ost- und Südosteuropawiiw Database Central, East and Southeast Europe
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wiiw Database Central, East and Southeast Europe

General description

The wiiw Database Central, East and Southeast Europe here at the FIW comprises the wiiw Annual Database and the wiiw Monthly Database, which are separately available at wiiw. These two databases offer the key economic indicators for 23 emerging markets of Central, East and Southeast Europe and the CIS.


Countries covered

AL - Albania KZ - Kazakhstan RS - Serbia
BA - Bosnia und Herzegovina LT - Lithuania RU - Russlia
BG - Bulgaria LV - Latvia SI - Slovenia
BY - Belarus MD - Moldova SK - Slovakia
CZ - Czech Republic ME - Montenegro TR - Turkey
EE - Estonia MK - Nordmazedonien UA - Ukraine
HR - Croatia PL - Poland XK - Kosovo
HU - Hungary RO - Romania  

Data for Serbia and Montenegro combined are available until 2005; monthly data for Moldova are not yet included.


Population Labour market Foreign finance
National accounts Wages Foreign trade
Investment Prices  
Production Domestic finance  

On an annual basis the time series reach as far back as the 1960s. Series on the newly independent countries are available from 1989 (monthly data from 2000) onwards; separate data on Serbia and Montenegro respectively are given from 2000 onwards. Monthly time series usually start in 1990/91 and are continuously revised and updated (there is no update beginning of August). The time series are updated as soon as the official statistical sources become available.


National statistical offices, National Banks and Ministries of Finance of the respective countries and international organisations. These sources also serve as a basis for wiiw’s own research, estimates and forecasts.


You can access the wiiw Annual or Monthly Database via a user-friendly retrieval tool, also allowing to store your queries, directly at the wiiw website:

You can also access the data here at FIW – please register below.

Related publication

A compendium of the wiiw Annual Database (wiiw Handbook of Statistics) is published in November each year (also available in Excel format with time series starting from 1990).