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Außenwirtschaftsjahrbuch 2008Austria's External Economic Relations 2008
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FIW Press Conference on January the 17th 2008 at Café Prückel

Hier finden Sie den Pressetext

At the first FIW Press Conference on January the 17th 2008 at Café Prückel the FIW-published "Austrian Foreign Trade Yearbook 2007" and the FIW project itself were presented to a number of economic journalists.

The introduction speech held Federal Austrian Ministry for Economics and Labour division head Mag. Josef Mayer.

The authors Dr. Julia Wörz (wiiw, middle) and Mag. Susanne Sieber (WIFO, left) presentating the "Austrian Foreign Trade Yearbook 2007".

Project leader Prof. Fritz Breuss (WIFO, left) introducing the FIW project itself and Gerhard Buzeczki (right, Head of th WSR) speaking about the Homepage the FIW Datatool.

Concluding words of Prof. Michael Landesmann (scientific head of wiiw, right) and Prof. Karl Aiginger (head of the WIFO, left).

The audience

Präsentationen der Pressekonferenz

Hier finden Sie die Präsentation von Frau Dr. Wörz und Frau Mag. Sieber zum Außenwirtschaftsjahrbuch.

Hier finden Sie die Präsentationen der Projekt- und Institutsleiter.

Pressemeldungen zur FIW-Pressekonferenz

siehe Pressespiegel im Jänner 2008