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6.7.2022 : 5:53 : +0200


The cooperation "Research Center International Econoimcs (FIW)" aims at improving the framework conditions for theoretical and empirical economic research as well as economic policy advice in the field of international economics.


The aim is to secure and increase the visibility of all universities and non-university research institutions involved in the cooperation project in the international research community.

A further goal is the bundling of cross-institutional research strengths and the international positioning of the FIW as a networking platform for the social and economic challenges in the field of globalization and world trade.


This should also raise the Austrian public's awareness of foreign trade issues and ensure the transfer of existing expert knowledge to the interested public. This is of essential economic policy interest, especially for Austria, whose economy depends to a considerable extent on foreign trade relations. Value creation and employment depend to a large extent on foreign trade. Therefore, a broad public communication of the essential interrelationships between foreign trade, internationalization, globalization and domestic development is an important task of university institutions.