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9.12.2022 : 15:53 : +0100

The FIW - Research Centre International Economics ( is a cooperation between the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), the University Vienna, the Johannes Kepler University Linz, the University of Innsbruck, WIFO, wiiw and WSR. FIW is supported by the Austrian Federal Ministries of Education, Research and Science (BMBFW) and of Labour and Economy (BMAW).

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Employees in the areas of IT, statistics and other services

Ingo Oberortner

Head of Workgroup Data

Email: ingo.oberortner(at)

Gina Feichtinger

Workgroup Data

  • Database- and server administration, technical support

Curriculum Vitae

Email: Gina.Feichtinger(at)


Lucia Glinsner

Workgroup Data

  • Licencing
  • Contact to data suppliers

Email: Lucia.Glinsner(at)

Mag. Alexander Hudetz

Project office, workgroup on scientific focus, workgroup data

  • Project managment
  • Database account management
  • Event management
  • Monitoring
  • Editorial administration of website
  • Operative consulting

Email: alexander.hudetz(at)

Ing. Christian Isnardi

Project Assistance WSR, Workgroup Data

  • Design and development of the FIW-website
  • Editorial support for the FIW-website
  • Software documentation and user manual

Curriculum Vitae

Email: Christian.Isnardi(at)


Irene Langer

Workgroup Data

  • Data query, downloads and information on data sources concerning national and international trade databases, direct investment databases and service databases (WIFO database, Statistik Austria, OeNB, OECD, EU, IMF, UNO, WTO)

Email: Irene.Langer(at)

Dr. Tong Li

Workgroup Data

  • Software development focusing on the the data retrieval tools
  • Design of the user interface
  • Technical support

Curriculum Vitae

Email: Tong.Li(at)

Beate Muck

Workgroup Data

  • Collecting and preparing macro-economic data for Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia
  • Maintenance of the wiiw Annual Database
  • Graphical art work
  • International trade data

Email: muck(at)

Mag. Monika Schwarzhappel

Workgroup Data

  • Principal administrator of statistics
  • Collecting and preparing macro-economic data for Hungary and Romania
  • Responsibility for the wiiw Annual Database and wiiw Database on Foreign Direct Investment
  • Purchasing power parities

Email: schwarzhappel(at)