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The FIW - Research Centre International Economics ( is a cooperation between the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), the University Vienna, the Johannes Kepler University Linz, the University of Innsbruck, WIFO, wiiw and WSR. FIW is supported by the Austrian Federal Ministries of Education, Research and Science (BMBFW) and of Labour and Economy (BMAW).

FIW Statistics

Current  FIW Statistics on International Trade,  a clear and graphical overview.

Archive of Dissertations

In this section you can find regularly updated links to Doctoral and Degree Dissertations Archives from German-speaking countries. With this infrastructure we primarily want to inform stundents about the wide spectrum of scientific discourses in this field.

Österreichische Dissertationsdatenbank (in German)

The "Austrian Dissertation Database" in German.

Österreichische Nationalbibilothek (in German)

Archive from the Austrian National Library- in German. (in German)

Online Archive of electronic Theses and Dissertations from the German-speaking countries.