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The FIW - Research Centre International Economics ( is a cooperation between the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), the University Vienna, the Johannes Kepler University Linz and the University of Innsbruck, WIFO, wiiw and WSR. FIW is supported by the Federal Ministries BMBFW and BMDW.

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Breinbauer, Rektor (FH) Prof. (FH) Andreas

Email: andreas.breinbauer(at)


Institution: Secretary General of the IDM, Rector of the FH-Study Courses Logistic and the Management of Transportation at the FH of the bfi in Vienna

Research Interests: Outsourcing/Offshoring, Foreign Direct Investment

Egger, Prof. Dr. Hartmut

Email: hartmuth.egger(at)


Affiliation: Professor of Economics at the University of Bayreuth, chair of economics II

Research Interests: International Trade and Labor Market Imperfections, International Outsourcing, Multinational Firms

Egger, Prof. Dr. Peter

Email: egger(at)


Affiliation: ETH Zurich, Prof. for Applied Economics, 

Research Interests: International Economics, Models of Mulitnational Firms and Trade

Falk, Dipl.-Vw. Dr. Martin

Email: Martin.Falk(at)


Affiliation: Research Fellow at the Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO), Arsenal, Objekt 20, 1030 Vienna

Research Interests: FDI, Outsourcing, Applied Economics, Applied Econometrics

Pfaffermayr, Prof. Michael

Email: Michael.Pfaffermayr(at)


Affiliation: Professor at the Department of Economics, University of Innsbruck, Universitätsstrasse 15, 6020 Innsbruck

Research Interests: Empirical International Economics; Multinational Firms; Applied Econometrics

Stehrer, Dr. Robert

Email: stehrer(at)


Affiliation: Scientific Director, The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (wiiw), Rahlgasse 3, 1060 Vienna

Research Interests: Labour Markets and Trade, Technology and Trade, Productivity, Product Differentiation, Outsourcing, Applied Econometrics

Wolfmayr, Dr. Yvonne

Email: Yvonne.Wolfmayr(at)


Affiliation: Research Fellow at the Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO), Arsenal, Objekt 20, A-1030 Vienna

Research Interests: International Trade, Active Foreign Direct Investment and Multinational Firms, Internationalizing and Development of the Labour Markets (Focus: European Union and Austria), Outsourcing/Offshoring