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Privacy Statement 15th FIW Reserach ConferencePrivacy Statement 15th FIW Reserach Conference
9.12.2022 : 18:20 : +0100

Privacy Statement

Information according to Art 13 GDPR

We will use your personal data provided during the submission or conference registration process to create an excel list for orgazational matters that complies with the legal requirements. The information marked with and Asterix (*) is mandatory. If you do not provide us with this information, we cannot process your submission/registration. Personal data is stored on WSR servers in Austria for hosting the 15th FIW-Research Conference International Economics. They can be accessed by the FIW-team (host of the conference) and are stored within the time frame of legal requirements. Data fields not marked with an * are voluntary.

If the selection process of submissions or the organisational questions regarding the hosting of the event at vienna university of economics and business makes it unavoidable, we may share some of your personal data and your submitted files with our cooperation partners mentioned in the scientific board of our conference. This includes the following insitutions: Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), the venue of the conference. Furthermore we may send your submitted paper to the members of the Program Committee.