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24.  FIW Workshop "International Economic Networks"24.  FIW Workshop "International Economic Networks"
9.12.2022 : 17:36 : +0100

Der Forschungsschwerpunkt Internationale Wirtschaft (FIW) ( ist eine Kooperation zwischen der Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (WU), der Universität Wien, der Johannes Kepler Universität Linz, der Universität Innsbruck, WIFO, wiiw und WSR. FIW wird von den Bundesministerien BMBFW und BMAW unterstützt.

Tabellen zur aktuellen Wirtschaftslage

Die undefinedTabellen zur aktuellen Wirtschaftslage bieten einen schnellen Überblick über die wirtschaftliche Entwicklung in Österreich.

24. FIW Workshop on International Economic Networks





Date:              July 6th, 7th, 2018


Venue:           Sky lounge, Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics, University of Vienna, Oskar Morgenstern Platz 1, 1090 Vienna


Registration: We kindly ask for registration until June 29. Entrance is free.





July 6th



9:30 – 9:50                Coffee


9:50 – 10:00             Opening


10:00 – 10:50            Keynote #1:Stephen J. Redding (Princeton) “The Making of the Modern Metropolis: Evidence from London” (with Daniel Sturm and Stephan Heblich)


10:50 –  11:40           Gabriel Felbermayr (LMU and CES-ifo) “Illuminating the Spatial Connectivity of Disasters” (with Jasmin Gröschl, Mark Sanders, Vincent Schippers and Thomas Steinwachs)


11:40 –  12:00          Break


12:00 –  12:50           Teresa C. Fort (Dartmouth) “Offshoring and Reorganization” (with Andrew B. Bernard, Valerie Smeets and Frederic Warzynski)


12:50 –  14:00          Lunch


14:00 –  14:50           Harald Fadinger and Yanping Liu (Mannheim) “The Real Exchange Rate, Innovation and Productivity” (with Laura Alfaro and Alejandro Cuñat)


14:50 – 15:40            Jonathan Eaton (Penn State) “Firm-to-Firm Trade: Imports, Exports, and the Labor Market” (with Samuel Kortum and Francis Kramarz)


15:40 – 16:00           Break


16:00 – 16:50            Glenn C.G. Magerman(ECARES) and Kalina Manova (UCL) “The Origins of Firm Heterogeneity: A Production Network Approach” (with Andrew B. Bernard, Emmanuel Dhyne and Andreas Moxnes)






July 7th


9:00 – 9:30                Coffee


9:30 – 10:20              Joan Monras (CEMFI) “Immigrants’ Residential Choices and their Consequences” (with Christoph Alberta)


10:20 –  11:10           Peter H. Egger (ETH) “Immigration and Firms' Integration in International Production Networks” (with Katharina Erhardtand Andrea Lassmann)


11:10 –  11:30          Break


11:30 –  12:20           Eduardo Morales (Princeton) “Venting Out: Exports during a Domestic Slump” (with Miguel Almunia, Pol Antràs and David López-Rodríguez)


12:20 –  13:30          Lunch


13:30 –  14:20           Keynote #2: Dave Donaldson (MIT) “Geography and Path Dependence” (with Treb Allen)


14:20 –  15:10           Ferdinand Rauch (Oxford) “Of Mice and Merchants: Trade and Growth in the Iron Age” (with Stephan Maurer and Jörn-Steffen Pischke)


15:10 –  15:30          Break


15:30 –  16:20           James E. Rauch (UCSD) “Do Employee Spinoffs Learn Markets from their Parents? Evidence from International Trade” (with Marc-Andreas Muendler)







The workshop is an activity of the Forschungsschwerpunkt Internationale Wirtschaft (FIW) in cooperation with the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), the University Vienna and the Johannes Kepler University Linz. FIW ( is a project of WIFO, wiiw and WSR on behalf of Austria’s Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs, which also supports THE FIW cooperation with the universities.

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